Thursday, December 29, 2011

the news

i'm back guys, you miss me, aren't you?
haha just kiddin', oh ya, i wanna share some story....

so, i just entered the new high school, yeah, SMAN1 Balikpapan, or usually calls as smanza, haha what a cool name huh?
i met new friends, i wore new uniforms, i studied in a new class, i teached by new teachers, and i slept in a new bedroom *cause i was being an 'anak kost' here, and i'm lonely :(
honestly, i really miss my old friends, i really miss my old uniforms, i really miss my old class room, i really miss my old teachers, i miss my bed room in my 'real house', and ofcourse, i miss my family, my mom, my dad, my lil sist, and my lil bro.
it's really hard to beeing an 'anak kost' you know :(
so far away from my fam, but i know i must strong and stay here to reach my dreams *actually, i don't really think that i have a dream now*

now, i will tell you about my new school.
actually, smanza is a really good school, but there are some building projects at this time. And badly, that situation had make a hell mosquitos attack. and that sucks mosquitos make me red and itchy everytime i'm at school.
then, the subjects, honestly, i really really hate physics. physics makes me get a headache every time *alay*
i also hate chemistry and math, but it still in a normal level in my 'hate-o-meter' haha
but i love art subject, we dance together and laugh together. that's so a great time :)
i join a choir club too, this club is named smansa choir or SC. as you know, i love singing, so i join this club, and i will never regret it, i love SC :) but many times, i can't came to the practices cause there are some lessons, or examination :(

i have some photos wif my news :)

that's me and my new besties, Acha, Asni, Amel :)

This, is Nahdiyyah Azka Kusuma, or we usually call her Acha, the daughter of Mr. Kusuma hahaha :p
she was born at 28th of September 1996 , she is an excelent dancer, Acha likes to chewing ice cubes hahaha, she likes Elmo, and she's so preety, we loves her :)

This is Asni Marlia, my old junior school's friend, she was born at 25th of March 1996, she is cute, and she is good in acting and speaking. Asni loves 'selca-ing'with so many poses haha. we loves her too :)

And, the last is Rizky Amelia Putri the fussy one. she was born at 16th of november 1996, she is smart, preety, and fussy of course. she has a beautiful long hair, and cute smile. she is a small girl haha and of course we loves her :)

My extraordinary classmates, i love them all :)

i'm finish wif this post, hope you can read it well. know, my english is bad

well, see you soon guys, babaaayyyy