Tuesday, March 8, 2011

 watch this out guys....
i'm melting >.< 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Me :)

i want to introduce myself....


i hope you guys want to know me closer..

i think, i will start it from my name, my name is Puti Aulia Rahma

my skin is dark, i have a black short hair, i have two black eyes, i have one sister and one brother. i'm not too tall, not too fat, but not too skinny :)
I was born in Jakarta, at 24th of November 1996
my blood type is A
my starsign is sagitarius
I DON'T like physics
I DON'T like jackfruit *because of my alergic*
I DON'T like to study too hard *that's make me get a headache*
I DON'T like to learn about arabic language
I CAN playing guitar and violin well, now i'm learn how to playing piano *that's hard*
I LOVE to draw

I LOVE to sing
I LOVE photography

I LOVE to listen to the music
I LOVE Super Junior

I LOVE Cho Kyuhyun
 I LOVE Lee Donghae

I LOVE my best friends

I LOVE to watch K-ON

I LOVE iced tea
I LOVE chicken katsu
I LOVE gado-gado
I LOVE kebab
I LOVE spaghetti

I LOVE ice cream *even i may not eat it because my sinuschitist*

I LOVE cheese cake

I LOVE yoghurt

I LOVE shopping
I LOVE make up
I LOVE my class
I LOVE games
I LOVE my self
I WANT to go to Paris

I WANT to go to South Korea

I WANT to watch Super Junior concert
I WANT a new cellphone
I WANT to collect all series of Ulysses Moore

I WANT an Ipod touch

I WANT to pass my exams well
I WANT to get a best score for my exams
I WANT to schooling in my favourite school
I WANT to be loving and loved

i think it's all enaugh to describe myself