Tuesday, May 31, 2011

couple *again :)

check this out guys..and you can rate that

Monday, May 9, 2011


hi...i'm so happy, you know why?

because i've just met Joe and Nick Jonas!!!
oh my god can't belive it

so, this is the story....

yesterday afternoon, me and my friends got chatting in omegle to find some friends. yeaah...the strangers that we've met before, are so weird and not match with us #they are too old, and we just a senior high school students.

then, when i opened the webcam, there are one face that familiar to me, he's like JOE JONAS, and i saw the other face that is NICK JONAS! oh my god! we both so happy and can't belive what our eyes have been see. that's the real Joe nad Nick Jonas! we felt so lucky, we don't talk too much, we say, "hi!", and "we are your fans", etc. and they say "we can't stay here too long, bla..bla..bla" he gave us his MSN, and skype, oh my god.....that's soooo unbeliveable that's like dream...a sweet dream....

can you belive that? the real joe and nick jonas!